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Terratec NOXON A540+ (Internettuner met DAB+)

Artikelnummer: B326757
  • DAB+, FM and Interradio
  • Radioarchiv and Podcast
  • Wireless Access Point
  • LAN / USB 2.0

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Terratec NOXON A540+

(Internettuner met DAB+)

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DAB/ DAB+/ FM/ Internet radio and network music player for Hi-Fi systems

With the NOXON A540+ you are perfectly equipped for radio reception. Whether digital radio DAB +, DAB, FM or Internet radio, the NOXON A540+ receives radio form all sources.

What is digital Radio?
Radio via antenna, but DIGITAL! Digital radio begins where FM radio has its limits. It offers excellent sound quality,a comprehensive program range and fascinating supplementary services. Many new formats can be received by DAB+. It will be particularly 3 programs of german radio, but also programs such as 90eleven with his broadcast German Football League-Radio. In addition, there are radio stations which are only receivable with a digital radio.

An enormous enrichment for listeners! BUT, You can also listen to your current favorite programs, even in CD soundquality. All this features offers the NOXON A540+ with excellent reception and sound quality.

Receive online music and information from the whole world. Listen to something other than the monotonous programming of your local radio stations for a change. With over 14,000 stations worldwide, the NOXON A540+ offers endless international variety. For example, you can listen to rock music from the USA or pop music from Africa, the news from Tokyo or comedy from Australia, the charts from Germany or podcasts from around the world. To make picking a station easy, everything is sorted by country and genre.

The NOXON A540+ offers the latest technology, but it is very easy to operate. The control dial with the push- function takes you through the various settings and stations. The ergonomic rocker-button brings you back. So you can come in seconds from Germany to Brazil or where ever the musical journey will go. You can enjoy DAB+, internet radio, FM, music from the hard disk, podcasts, audiobooks in the best hi-fi quality - whatever you want to listen to, with the NOXON A540+ you will definitely receive everything.

Belangrijkste eigenschappen:
  • DAB+ / DAB and FM reception via antenna
  • Internet radio without a computer, reception over LAN or WLAN
  • CD soundquality, no hissing, crackling and no more searching for frequency
  • Receive music from computer hard drives and Network Attached Storage (NAS) units
  • 43-cm Hi-Fi component in high-quality aluminium housing
  • Digital and analogue audio output

Technische specificaties

  • DAB+, FM and Interradio reception
  • Signal transmission via antenna for DAB+
  • manifold Radioarchiv and Podcast-Verzeichnis
  • Receive music from computer hard drives and Network Attached Storage (NAS)units (UPnP)
  • Support for common formats: MP3, WAV, WMA, AAC, AAC+,FLAC
  • 43 cm Hi-Fi components in high-quality aluminium housing
  • De slimme klant weet: redcoon.com is beter!
  • Three directly selectable station keys
  • USB 2.0 port for external hard drives and memory sticks (FAT32)
  • Digital (optical, Toslink) and analogue audio output (cinch, RCA)
  • Digital reception via LAN (cable) and WLAN (wireless)
Connectivity / Data transfer rates
  • Wireless Access Point (WLAN), 54 Mbps
  • Ethernet RJ-45 (LAN), 10/100 Mbps
Network security
  • WEP encryption (64/128 bit key)
  • WPA / WPA2 encryption
  • WPS function
  • IEEE 802.11b/g
  • IEEE 802.3, IEEE-802.3u
  • UPnP / DLNA-compliant
Data formats
  • MP3 (all bitrates up to 48 kHz)
  • AAC / AAC+ (all bitrates up to 96 kHz)
  • WMA-9 (all bitrates) without copy protection or with Windows Media DRM10
  • FLAC (up to 48 kHz)
  • ID3 V1.0/V2.0
  • M3U, PLS
Requirements for internet radio reception
  • Broadband Internet access (DSL, ADSL, SDSL, cable)
  • Wired network or WLAN access point
  • WPA/WPA2 encryption (recommended)
System requirements for access to the music library on a PC
  • Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7
  • Network access (IEEE 802.11b/g, IEEE 802.3, IEEE-802.3u network adapter)
  • Media server application (e.g. Windows Media Player)
System requirements for access to the music library on a Mac
  • Mac OS X 10.3
  • Network access (IEEE 802.11b/g, IEEE 802.3, IEEE-802.3u network adapter)
  • Media server application (e.g. Elgato EyeConnect)
Mains adapter
  • Internal switching power supply with European standard plug (230 V / 50 Hz)


  • Digital output (optical, TOS link)
  • Line output (cinch)
  • USB 2.0 (Type A)
  • Network (RJ-45)
  • Wlan, DAB+ and FM antenna
  • 430 x 90 x 300 mm (W x H x D)
  • 4310 g
  • Zwart


  • Stroomverbruik ingeschakeld in Wniet van toepassing
  • Stroomverbruik stand-by in Wniet van toepassing

Technische Gegevens:

  • Digital Audio Broadcast (DAB)ja
  • W-LANja
  • Internet radioja


  • Audio-ingang (Cinch)ja
  • USBja

Afmetingen / Grootte:

  • Hoogte in cm9
  • Breedte in cm43
  • Diepte in cm30
  • Gewicht in kg4.3


  • KleurZwart

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